Thinking Unordinarily
Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I have always interested in interesting thoughts through all my life. I have read countless book and gave numerous speeches about why we should value extraordinary ideas. But today, I won’t talk about myself anymore, I will invite you to an imaginary world. 
Today, I am going to get all your minds to the different world which has no difference at all. Just think about that one day as always you wake up and leave the house. Then, you communicate with your friends. After a while, you notice that when you talk about one topic, your friend and you have just the same ideas. Then you change the topic and again your friend agrees with you regardless of what you are saying. Afterward, you try to talk to another friend about same topics. But, you realize that there is no difference between you and your friends ideationally. 
How would you feel about that? Everybody agree with you, you can convince people in every situation. What a perfect and easy world it would be. Isn’t it? Of course, it is not. People have various appearances but have the same minds. What a boring and unadvanced world! 
All of the world changing inventions come from crazy and uncommon ideas. We have a lot of examples like Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein etc. If people had not have various ideas, we wouldn’t have the most of the inventions that today we have. Most likely, we wouldn’t have cars, phones, even electricity. 
In life, most of the funny moments appear again thanks to different ideas. As a result, if we want tol ive happier, if we want to have more opportunities, then we should let unordinary ideas raise and make our lives encoloured. I finish my presentation with a quote by Gene Roddenbery.
“ To be different is not necessarily to be ugly ; to have a different idea is not necessarily to be wrong. The worst possible thing is for all of us to begin to look and talk and act and think alike. “

Thanks for listening to me … 

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