Is the economy important?
The economy is important no doubt for every country. Countries present education services,health services,safe services etc. And for this reason the government want to money from you. The money that government want from you is called name " Tax ". You wait the services from government and pay him.
Some countries can wait to assess from you. Generally these tax compel people. Because country that not produce something demand much tax money from you. Puchasing power is low, and this reason exulcerate living people in country. People want to live contentedly, want to travel. But only aim may afford in some country. To give an example, we can easily say " Turkey". No doubtly Turkey is great country. It has rich from the viewpoint of tourism. Many people from other countries travel to Turkey but Turkey has no production apart from tourism.
Taxes compel people. In 2019 value added tax in total is 153 billion Turkish Liras up Turkey, and it is 165 billion Turkish Liras in imported producted. Value added tax in totel is 318 billion Turkish Liras. In addition to graduated tax is 176 billion Turkish Liras, special consumption tax is 164 billion Turkish Liras and company tax is 81 billion Turkish Liras. In 2010, special consumption tax was 52,4 billion Turkish Liras. And in 2019, special consumption tax has rised until 164 billion Turkish Liras. Petrol and natural gaz is 68,7 billion Turkish Liras, motor vehicles is 24 billion Turkish Liras, alcholic drinks is 15 billion Turkish Liras, tobacco products is 46 billion Turkish Liras, fizzy drinks is 0,9 billion Turkish Liras and finally electirical household applicance is 9,3 billion Turkish Liras. These taxes look like huge problem. Government is rising tax incomes to afford needings. Due to this reason, the public is lossing own money. If the government  has no productions, living people in country get poor more and more.
Production is the important factor. The more you product, the more you earn money. And this money effects living people in your country. If your country develop in production, purchasing power rises, minimum wage rises. Minumum wage is the wage that paid the worker as a working day value, which appears legally according to certain measures. Private firms generally give minumum wage to workers. Minumum wage is actually depended on purchasing power, and government want money inside minumum wage. The nıre it want much money, the more purchasing power decreases. Due to for this reason, public want to rebel. Because they only want to afford for theirselves and their family.
To sum up, we can say taxes is necessary but, also production is very important. If you import every product, your money can finish in the shortest time. Both productions develop country and it make happy the public. In Turkey, people can't afford for these taxes while minumum wage is so much low against purchasing power. Production should certainly be for everybody's future..
Thank you for reading my article.
Ömer Bozacı.
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