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The İstanbul skyline problem, often mistakenly called the New York skyline problem, is
the problem of drawing the skyline of a city given a set of buildings of that city. In this
homework you will write a program whose input is a list of the locations and sizes of
buildings, and whose output is a description of the visible skyline, that is, how the city
looks as an outline, when viewed from a distance. For a real-life version of this problem,
go to Vaniköy on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, and, as you sip your tea, contemplate
on how the skyline will look as the sun sets over the European side.
To make things simple, the buildings will be given using just two dimensions, x and y,
rather than three, ignoring the depth value. (Think of x as horizontal and y as vertical.)
Each building will be a rectangle with its base on the x-axis. Thus, a building can be
completely described by giving the x-coordinates of its left and right sides, and the y
coordinate (or height) of its top side. The input will be read from standard input. The first
line of the input indicates how many buildings there are in the city, and each succeeding
line will indicate the x-coordinate of the left side of a building followed by the ycoordinate
of the top side of the building, followed by the x-coordinate of the right side of
the building
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