Psychopy Memory-Study

Son Teslim Tarihi: 18 Ekim 2019 23:00
Python Psychopy
Hello! I have a memory experiment in which each participant will study 20 unique word-lists (each list composed of 15 unique words) and attempt to recall as many of the words as they can from the just-presented list after they study that particular list.

I currently have a routine for each word presentation (and one loop the create each list and another loop to create each participant’s list of lists). But, how can I feed in the exact list of words each participant should see to my study?

I am thinking that I could have a pre-made excel file with two columns “Words” and “List Number” for each participant. I can use the list number to assign words to different lists and words can then appear sequentially in each list. However, I couldn’t figure out how to loop through participants’ word list excel files and assign each word correctly to its corresponding list yet. As a first time psychopy user, I’d appreciate anyone helping me with this task, happy to offer fair compensation. Thanks in advance!

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