MYSQL Database Bir Kaç Tablo Ve İstenen İşlemler Yaptırılacak

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Elimde Tablo yapısı ( excell halde ) er diagramları hazır aşağıdaki işlemler eklenecek
+ Define the functional dependencies in your
tables, show them on your relations and check if
they are at least 3NF.
+ Define all integrity constraints that your
database needs to have (e.g. Foreign keys) and
what are the actions you are taking on Delete /
+ Install MySQL on your computer and create the
tables that you have designed in your second
+ Populate these tables with some sample data:
-at least 10 users
+Write the SQL queries that are required for each of your
Write the Relational Algebra of your above Queries
+Test whether your queries are running or not on the data
that you have uploaded to your database and get
screenshots of the results, place them on your report as
+Add your Queries and your Relational Algebra to the
relevant section where you are describing that CA on your
report together with the above screenshots of the SQL
+Create/declare 2 Trigger for your database.
+The trigger needs to be related to the CAs that you
have defined (but this is not a requirement)
+Test whether your trigger is working.
+Add the trigger to your report to the section where you
are describing this CA
+Clearly state why you designed such a trigger, what are
the advantages of this trigger?

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