Microprocessors Grid Program

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Assembly 8086 Emu8086
Write a program that creates a grid with given row and column values. The row and column values would be between 0 and 99 where 0 means no lines and 99 means 99 lines. Write your program look like the given input and output as below. (Red parts mean inputted from keyboard and yellow background means blinking text. It doesn’t have to be red in your program, and it doesn’t have to be yellow background on your program.)
• Program must be submitted with your source code and screenshots of your two screen modes (Text mode screen and Graphics mode screen as given below.) in Microsoft Word format.
• Use graphics screen mode option 12h which has 640x480 resolution for drawing your grid.
• Each horizontal and vertical lines might not be same and varies between 0 and 99 inputted from keyboard.
• Submitted source code must be full working code. If it doesn’t work it will be graded as 1p.
• Please use emu8086 simulation environment for your Project.

Sample Program Output:

Welcome to the Grid Program
Please input the number of your horizontal lines? (0-99) = 8
Please İnput the number of your vertical lines? (0-99) = 8
Please wait patiently while I draw your 8x8 grid. Thank you :)
Now I am going to clean the screen and start drawing your Grid.
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