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FINAL - PROJECT (ON MOODLE) From the tradition in Central Asia, the process of the first settled order with the migration to the west, the journey to Anatolia and the ongoing journey from Anatolia, we have studied how Turkish Cuisine Culture has come through today. Each student is required to pick one region of Turkey for your research. In that region or in that region’s specific cities, you’re going to examine the foods and food culture and you will prepare a report based on what you have learned in the classroom. You have to take a versatile approach when you’re preparing your report. You should not only focus on food, but also consider factors such as history, people, ingredients, etc that are factors in the formation of foods / dishes and food culture. The dishes you have selected for the report should be supported with references. Research / report must contain minimum 1000 words Format: Times New Roman / 12pt / 1.5 space / Reference: Chicago style Due to: 5th June 2020 /

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