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Python R Studio Arastirma Arastirma Gorevi
Merhaba , 4 tane soru var sorularin cevaplari yazilirken referanslama yapmak gerekiyor ayni zamanda , referanslama konusunda iyi olan arkadaslar yazarsa sevinirim .

1- “Data Management is extremely important in data analytics”. Explain why this is the case and give
details of how some of the challenges in data management may be overcome. Max 300 words
2- Write a note on GDPR highlighting how its effects data analytics and data analytics projects. Max
word count 200 words.
3-Research and reference your research on how an App for contact tracing for Covid-19, that stores
data on a national scale, can be used in line with GDPR regulations.
4-Write detailed descriptions of ANY TWO the following algorithms, using your own words, reference
your sources, max word for each is 300 words:
1) Neural Networks
2) Support Vector Machines
3) XGBoost
4) Random Forests

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