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Oca 10, 2020

Who Discovered America?

Preliminary Information

Of course, dozens of unknown names pass in this story. I think we shouldn’t forget something before leaving the commentary of this important discovery that has a story in it. There were people living on their land before America was discovered. The Indians in North America, the Mayans in Mexico, and the Aztecs in the northern part of Mexico were called Venice of the New World. In South America, they were living with great city planning.

Historical Discovery

Even those who do serious research about this discovery sometimes can escape fantasy and influence people with their assumptions. One of the writers on this subject is Gavin Menzies, who is also a sailor. The Chinese had large ships in the Middle Ages. Menzies’ theory is that he discovered America through the navy of one of these ships, Zheng He. Proof of this in his book, as well as the Chinese sources of their own certain signs and pictures are. He claimed that the animals in these sources were only in America.

There are also Vikings. He is the seed of the Swedes, the Danes and the Norwegians. They tried to make way for the American continent. But there is no scientific section. There are also Christopher Columbus who are involved. He knew the world was round and thought that he would reach east India if he left Spain and went east. Based on this assumption, Columbus thought it was East India, which went on to the American coast of Central America, the Antillean Islands, El Salvador. But he died before he knew it.

After Columbus, the famous sailor, Amerigo Vespucci, went on the same islands again, discovering that it was not India, but a new continent. Then it was called the name of the entire continent explorer.


Sometimes it is moved to the agenda again and again but it is the same thing that needs to be given importance. The churches, which saw sailors who did not return to the sea, claimed that it was a sin and that God had punished them. However, during long journeys, the crew were away from the consumption of vitamin C and had problems with fish plow. These discoveries were made with the help of kings who did not listen to the church.

If you want to see what you want to taste, what you have dreamed to achieve, even if it is impossible to at least try to say that I have tried. There will be those who oppose you. Respond to them in his bilateral meeting with the Byzantine Emperor when Sultan Mehmet II was in the siege of Istanbul.

-“I would like to welcome you in the palace, Sultan Mehmet II, but I see you’re so crowded.”

+” Thank you, Emperor, for your hospitality. I came here to welcome you in that palace.”

Peace at home, Peace in the world.

Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK


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