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Eki 5, 2019


Have you ever wondered what is Norway like ?

Norway which a lot of culture is found is big country. People is very happy at this place. According to World's Happiness Report in 2013 that was made, the survey was made in 156 countries by United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.Between 156 countries were reached end of that Norway is the happiest country. Helath,freedom and social supports were effective indicated in this situation.

To find is very easy kindly person,experimently person in Norway. People likes to help together. It is one of the reasons that pretty up Norway. In addition, the crime rate is very low in Norway due to this, Norway is very safely country. When examining Norway's food, we can say that Norway is in Leader position. The foods is grow up extreme healthy and natural. Many Villages that make productyion is spied out by government. The government is making tiny distinctions in this situations. The government has sensitives in many situations. For example, it helps people that can not find job. It can sufficiently give money monthly.

During time you can stay in Norway, you can easily get in touch with Norwagians and you can easily learn their culture. Norwegians that live highly depend on own traditions, adopts as a part of culture,nature and traditions. There is respect and missing to history and in Norway every time. Settlements that will take you centuries ago, to see is possible. Their cultures and customs have very important for Norwegians. Norwegians respects other cultures in the world but also they want to get respect from other countries.

Norway's nature has raw beauty and exoticness. In four season live in balance. Summers are hot, winters are cold. You can find yourself close to nature even in cities. The climate is part of nature and the nature here is at a level that will impress you. Your experiments can be unforgettable. The nature has taken an active role in Norwegians therefore nature is a part of Norway's culture. You will not find anywhere else to enjoy clean water and fresh air.

To sum up, According to research, it is obvious why is the happiest country Norway. There are many reason to Norway to like. In my opinion, while I was reading research results, I started to make reservation from Turkish Airlanes to go to the Norway. I'm sure everyone want to live in an country like Norway. Both country looks like very beautiful and norwegians look like very sincere and helpful. I became happy without did not go. Thank you Norway..

Thank you for reading this article.


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