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Tem 22, 2019

Trust the Process

How do i feel lately?

Trying to catch a bus, trying not to be late for work,school,running one place to another, making people happy around you, thinking what to cook for dinner...While catcing up with life, i sometimes stop and find myself thinking ''how do i feel lately''. If i ask this question to myself unconsciously, i believe i had better give myself a break and analyze my thoughts,feelings. Do you ever feel like i dont live in the moment? I do. Our brain is always busy with thoughts either on past or future. However, we forget to be in the moment. The first thing i like to do when i feel like i am in a state of mind that is away from ''now'' is meditating. I assure you that sitting on the floor for 10 minutes with my eyes shut and realizing the way i naturally inhale and exhale is a blessing. There is no right or wrong in meditation, just be in the present and trust the process.Appreciate the sounds come from your environment, be aware that you do something valuable for yourself.You can not believe how you find yourself sitting on the ground with an inner smile. An inner smile goes a long way.

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