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May 16, 2019


Problems Affecting Students’ Writing Skill


     There is no doubt that writing is a source coming from the past to the present. Writing is a way of sending lots of messages among people. Nowadays, some schools interest the writing skills of students. However, students do not study lessons for writing. In this case, students often live lots of different troubles. Writing skill is an extremely difficult and challenging task for a student in his school life and may often have some problems with this skill.

     First of all, the lack of grammar is a problem in writing skill. Grammar lessons are taught by teachers in schools using different charts, textbooks, and workbooks. Thanks to different materials, students learn how to use grammar rules in essays. However, some misconception or misunderstood may occur in students’ brains. Thus, essays writing by students are not effective. Azar demonstrates, “GBT teaches grammar conceptually even as the focus is on particular morphology. In other words, students are taught the concept of number, that is, how English expresses singular and plural, or the concept of how verbs are used to express time.” (2007.p.8). If students have lots of questions about the rules of grammar, they must study hard. Grammar is a combination of vocabularies and mental ideas. Besides, when students grammar rules learn, they can show their own skills in writing a lesson. If they continue to use the wrong structure of grammar, they will not succeed in writing lesson. Thus, the lack of grammar is a major problem.

     Secondly, lack of motivation is a problem in writing. In our life, motivation has a significant role in every area. Students’ writing skill affected by their own motivation. Brain and ideas are very important when students studying writing lessons. If students live lack of motivation, their problems in writing in increase inevitably. In this case, students’ daily and school life are affected negatively. Thus their writing skill is not developed and they may not write effectively. Mulder, Koopmans, Hengeveld demonstrate, “Lack of motivation for treatment is a common phenomenon among severely mentally ill patients seen by emergency psychiatric services. Lack of motivation was associated with danger and paranoid symptoms.”(2005.p.2). Thus, the lack of motivation bringing up psychological troubles is a serious problem. Lack of motivation has mental problems affecting students’ success. As a result of lack of motivation affect students’ writing skill.

     As a last, do not feedback is a problem in students’ writing skill. All students write something for tasks during their own school life. Writing is only not important eventually feedback is more important than writing an essay. According to GBT, faults are seen as chance in order to learn. Impover feedback is a native and acknowledges section of a grammar-based lesson ( Azar,2007). When essays are checked by the teacher, they are more valuable for their students. In addition, students do not same mistakes in essays. Thanks to feedback, all students’ writing skill develop quickly. If they do not feedback and not check their own essay papers, they may not reach real success. This issue is a problem affecting both students’ success and their own writing skill.

     Consequently, writing skill has kinds of problems. This skill including lots of troubles can be diminished by different methods such as knowing and using grammar rules, increasing motivation and checking essay when finished. I strongly believed that these ways may develop students’ achievement in writing. Therefore, writing skills’ problems affect students skill in writing.

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