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Haz 22, 2021

 Summary of Moll Flanders

Both Analyzing and Summary of Moll Flanders

Background of the Story

As per me, both women and men were looking for benefit of their profit and to raise the statues that they try to find, instead of loving each other as real. There were schemes on noblemen by a woman who is desiring to have their profits such as lying about her finance, setting up to steal the money. The Family role was also crucial for a man who keens on marrying a beautiful woman instead of care about her possessions, however, the mind of the family to make the son married depends on how a woman is wealthy and having noble status around the high society. If a man rejects what his family chose as a wife for him, he is left out of the inheritance that causes the wife to give up marrying him. Stories of the Victorian age were written as a realistic form of society that is especially on woman entitlement, For instance,  Moll Flanders has the same content about how women were acting to society and to their husbands, Besides that, we can also see another aspect such as American Dream and materialistic mind.

Daniel Defoe(Writer)

He has a simple style and his style is like a biography. He belongs to a middle class that he takes place in his works. His fictions consist of common characters that both the middle class and other class can briefly identify themselves as the same matters that they had in common with one another such as struggles to survive in a difficult World. He uses realism form and problems of middle class such as unidentified in poet because people didn't know if they exist, so Doffe tried to give them the identity so that they can feel that they belong the class. the characters are real and events and places are real too. He wants to make people believe that these are the true characters, so he uses realistic characters and manners. His second aim except for the story is to sell his works vastly to share the common characters as realistic to the readers. Basically, he conveys to us that people can do everything to make a profit to survive such as lying, and killing in the Moll Flanders.


The story basically is about a woman who tries to make a profit by marrying men without loving them, just for taking the benefit of them. That woman action in the story can be seen as realistic in terms of 17th woman entitlement because a woman was desiring to have wealthy life which is kind of similar to the American Dream. As a background of the story, women are less desired according to their beauty, but their wealth. İf a woman is wealthy, she has to marry a wealthy man in terms of society and its matter is similar with a man too. Class differences were on the air a lot. According to Moll Flanders, we can see those backgrounds shown in the story on the woman character of the Flander. The reason why woman were wishing to marry with wealthy man is that woman’s both possessions and children will be their husband, that is why these marriages depends on expediency that causes a couple to be fool by lying about their property. As I mentioned above, these crucial realistic themes make us feel those in our veins highly while reading the story.

Husbands of Flanders.

As per Flanders’ husbands, they were used for statue and profit by Flander. The first husband is his stepbrother who loves her even though her family doesn't allow them to marry because of her status. She married him without love so that she can get benefits. The second husband is a tradesman who left her by escaping to France from laws because of his inappropriate income. The third husband has estates in Virginia, but he looks for a wealthy woman, so she lied to him about her possessions, but he is revealed as half of the brother to her. A fourth husband is a wealthy man who has a wife, he used Flanders for his benefit as a mistress by giving money without marrying until he turns out a religious man and rejects her. The fifth husband is a banker who will send the money of her to another country, but he rejects to do it if she doesn't marry him. He has a wife as well, so she accepts to marry him if he divorced her

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