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May 1, 2020

    How we affected from Covid-19?

    As we know, all we are living so interesting days by means of Corona-19. When the virus have seen first in the Wuhan; I think, no state expected it to spread all over the world. So, suddenly we found ourselves in it. But now everybody has an idea about this virus. In the real will this virus change the our lifestyle? Or everything will be worse than before?

    As everybody I have ideas about this.

     Firstly, of course anything won’t must be same to before. But how will the change be? We should understand what happened now to analysis the results. All the quarantine days, we are trying to new things especially dıy things. When I use the social media, I see creative things on the story. So can we say we create a world that we are trying to do new things instead of speed a lot of time for success. We will can choose a liveable world.

    Another issue, we understood the importance of protecting our health. In the our old life, we used to work to get a health insurance. But we understand today that we mustn’t work for this, ıt should be given us the health insurance by states without any reasons. We will see the new regulations for this in a lot of states. Actually, The states that want to be world leaders should do this regulations.

    And we called ‘’leaders’’ word. How will we create a leader in new world? Or which will country can be? Or can we really need this? In fact, this is a important point. We need the compassionate, peacefully, simple leaders. And we will create a lot of perfect leaders in the new wold. They won’t do a war for a lot reasons, they won’t a dictator, they won’t create a world that only ones has a money can live a super life. I think this problem give us a balanced life. Because we need this, universe need this.

    I know I am talking about good result. Because I believe that every bad event will open a door that has a lot of good results.

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