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Oca 10, 2020



Atik Ali Paşa Mosque is an old Ottoman mosque located in the Çemberlitaş, the neighbourhood of Fatih district in Istanbul. It’s one of the lesser known Istanbul mosques, but very important for understanding the development of Ottoman style. It was built in the heart of Istanbul in 1497, close to the Bayezid II Mosque. Surprisingly, the architect is not known, but the historians do know that at that time the main architect of the Ottoman empire was Mimar Hajrudin.The Mosque was commisioned by Grand Vizier Atik Ali Pasha who held that position from 1501 to 1503, and then again from 1506 to 1511.

In the Istanbul earthquake of 1648, the dome was completely collapsed and its minaret partially collapsed. 1716, 1766 in the years of the other shakes were damaged, and after these shakes are revived. Its imaret has disappeared and the madrasah is in front of the mosque. Instead of the last congregation, three gates are entered through the gates, there is no fountain, and the ablution and toilet section was built later. 

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